Helping Small, Local Businesses.

CASHA was founded in 1997 and connects and supports high-quality, small-scale tourist accommodations and other businesses in Curaçao.  We currently have about 80 members.

In the early years, the focus of the organization was on offring accommodations to tourists. Recently we broadened  our focus to include the vast array of exciting and memorable vacation activities available in Curaçao.

This includes small local businesses, rental car companies, diving schools, and more. CASHA’s initiatives and ongoing collaborations with these small businesses boost the local economy and make Curaçao a more enticing destination for tourists.

Quality Mark

All CASHA member organizations are fully compliant with our quality mark requirements. For this we focus on 7 basic requirements:

  • Documents
  • Safety
  • Hygiene
  • Comfort
  • Customer friendly
  • Durability
  • COVID-19

CASHA members must be in full compliance with Curaçao’s local laws and regulations in order to qualify for membership. The quality of the service provided is also a deciding factor in qualifying for CASHA membership, with extra emphasis on services that offer a personal touch.

We partner with specialist institutions to carry out annual safety and quality inspections and reviews on all of our members. All CASHA members must, at a minimum, maintain the established quality and safety standards, but also actively work to improve them.

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