What to do against mosquitos in Curaçao?

There are many insects on Curaçao. If you get stung quickly, you have to take this into account. For example, choose an accommodation where a mosquito net is present in the bedroom or wear long trousers in the evening. It is mainly in the evening that the mosquitoes are present. Mosquitos don’t like wind, coldness or bug spray. You can also keep them at bay by lighting a Citronella candle or incense. You can buy products against insects in almost all shops on Curaçao. So, you don’t have to take this with you, unless of course you only want to use 1 product. Then you better take it with you to be sure.

What to bring with you when you go on vacation to Curaçao?

Going on vacation to Curaçao but not sure what to take with you on vacation? No problem, we’ll help you! Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen. Even in the shade you can burn badly under the tropical sun.
In shops where you buy groceries, it is not allowed to walk in without a T-shirt or only in your swimsuit. At restaurants that are not on a beach, you are also not welcome in your swimsuit. A T-shirt, shorts and slippers will do though!
It never gets cold in Curaçao. Thick sweaters are certainly not necessary. It does not get less than 25 degrees (77F). Keep in mind that many shops, restaurants and, for example, the cinema have air conditioning. Sometimes it is therefore useful to bring long pants if you get cold quickly in the air conditioning. It occasionally rains in Curaçao, during the rainy period a bit more than usual. Usually, it doesn’t rain for more than fifteen minutes, and the weather is nice elsewhere on the island. The saying on Curaçao goes: ‘When it is raining at one beach, just drive to the next one and there it will be dry!’

Christmas Fair in Curaçao

Don’t be afraid to miss Christmas markets during your vacation on Curaçao, because there are more than enough to experience. Scouring the Christmas markets in a tropical atmosphere, what more could a person want? There are markets that raise money for charity. Such as the Christmas market of Rescue Paws Curaçao. An amount is transferred there to help with food and accommodation for the dogs they rescue from the street.
There are also markets where they take children into account and have organized a kid’s corner especially for them. Such as the market at the beautiful country house Bloemhof. You will find something delicious to eat at all markets. At some markets they even invited Santa Claus!
A Christmas market in Curaçao works a bit differently. Make sure to bring cash (in guilders) and small change so that you can certainly change. There are only a few stalls where you can pay with a debit card. Check our Instagram and facebook page to find out where there are Christmas Fairs this time of the year!

Traditional clothing of Curaçao

What is the traditional clothing of Curaçao? This clothing dates from the slavery period. Women mostly sewed their own clothes. A headscarf ‘lensu’ on her head and cloth sandals ‘alpargata’ on her feet. Several headscarves have been designed, each for a specific occasion. The ‘punta di Skálo’ was a headscarf that was mainly used for work. It had a button at the back that gave the necessary support so that a bucket could be placed on the head.
The clothing for the men was a simple design. Cream colored trousers with a loose shirt or a shirt of the same color. These clothes were made of sugar and flour packaging. Not anymore, now they use different types of textiles that are more colorful and have patterns. They always had a straw hat on their head, to protect themselves from the sun or as an extra element to their formal attire.

On vacation during hurricane season

The Caribbean hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30th. So, you might think, is it smart to go on holiday to Curaçao during the hurricane season?

The answer is yes! Curaçao is geographically located outside the hurricane belt. As on all other islands, the wind can be strong, but the wind is rarely a threat. We also have to deal with some more rain now and then, but this is only good for the fauna and flora! Curaçao is at its greenest during this period, which produces unique images.
So don’t hesitate and don’t postpone your visit to Curaçao any longer!

Felis Dia di Pais Kòrsou

On October 10, 2010, Curaçao became an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Unlike the Netherlands, the island is not part of the territory of the European Union and therefore Curaçao does not have to comply with European law. Due to the special relationship with the Netherlands, the so-called OCT status, Curaçao is eligible for European funds and EU-wide cooperation agreements such as the Erasmus+ programme. In addition to the Dutch nationality, the residents also possess European citizenship.
October 10 is all about the culture of Curaçao. There is a big celebration every year. This year, October 10, 2022, it’s a special celebration. 10-10 celebration, an independent country within the kingdom of the Netherlands for 12 years. Most shops and supermarkets are closed on this day, but the shops that are open are also celebrating. Most of them offer big discounts!
In Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao, there is a party all day long. There are local markets, performances and local food on offer. You can also participate in the domino tournament; this is the game of Curaçao!
Follow the Facebook page of 1010 Celebration | Facebook , this way you will be kept informed of all events in the city for this special day! They already start partying on Sunday 9 October. Follow our Facebook and Instagram page to stay informed about what’s going on in Curaçao!