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Caribiooh! Share your happiness

Kaya Themis 15

Caribiooh! is a rental organisation in Curaçao in which the social contribution plays a leading role. Under the motto "Share your Happines", Caribiooh! contributes to beautiful, sustainable and educational projects on Curacao. So if you rent a car at Caribiooh! you will be happy, but also Curaçao and its local inhabitants will be happy…

+5999 695-7510

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EMMA Rentals

Starting from 5 days rental, Emma delivers on your doorstep, making sure your car is there when you need it. We have a lot of clients that travel with a family member with a wheelchair. Most of our cars can handle a wheelchair in the back. We even have straps to secure them! When you take good care of our car, we take good care of the price! Emma Rentals has this as their slogan, always looking for the clients that fit these thoughts.

6907710/ 6704207

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Fiat 500C rood automaat
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LivCuraçao Car Rental

Kaya Vivaldi 5

We rent hip Fiats 500 that distinguish themselves from the standard small rental car in Curaçao. You can experience Curaçao to the maximum through a convertible or glass panoramic roof. We combine passion for these great cars with personal service.

+599 9 5285982/+599 9 5149000

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