Casha Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Casha’s website and thank you very much for your visit! This website is part of and offered by Casha. This website is a platform where members of Casha, Curacao Apartments and Small Hotels Association, introduce themselves. All members meet minimum quality requirements that are described in the “About” section of this website.

By visiting the website, you agree to these terms and conditions.

1. Effective date

These Terms and Conditions will apply to all use of the website and to all services offered by Casha as of October 1, 2020.

2. Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

Casha takes care of the hosting and accessibility of the website. Casha will not be liable for damages resulting from system failure, connection failure or any other failure or malfunction of the website.
Casha will attempt to resolve any such failure as soon as possible.
Casha excludes liability for any and all damages suffered by a user;

(i) use of the services of the website or other Casha services;
(ii) the non-availability or non-secure availability of the website or parts thereof;
(iii) incorrect information on the website;

3. Responding to member’s offer

Casha is not and will not be a party to any agreement you enter into or wish to enter into with any of the providers on this website.

4. Information offered on the website

Casha does its best to ensure that the information provided by members on the website is accurate.

However, Casha does not warrant that the information provided on the website is accurate or reliable at all times. Casha shall not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, arising out of the use of the information on the website.

Each member compromises and is responsible for the description and intentions as described on its own website.

5. Complaints

In case of complaints about our services, you can submit this complaint by sending an e-mail to casha.apartments@gmail.com. Complaints must be submitted within a reasonable period of time – maximum two months after discovery of the complaint. The complaint must be well motivated. Casha will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and then strive to respond to your complaint within 14 days. If a response to your complaint is not possible within 14 days, we will notify you within that period and advise you of the period within which you can expect a response.

Any disputes will exclusively be submitted to the competent court in Curacao.